Lugs to Lightweights – Episode 12: T Minus 7 Days… ish.

Just a week to go.  Well, less than a week really… I think… I’ve still not got my head around what the time difference is and what the time will be in the UK when I’m at Baum next week.  Some might say I’m not excited enough on that basis…

I am though, trust me.

(I tried to find a picture to fit the bill of ‘excitement’ to go in here, but they all looked too dodgy…)

As it stands I have the Di2 kit ready and waiting and I have the bars, chain and cassette sat in that same box.  I’ve been told my Lightweights are ready to be shipped (highly frustrating as I can’t take delivery of them until the new year, and I REALLY want to see them).  All decisions surrounding or affecting the finished product coming from Baum have been made, and I’ve got the saddle to take to Baum for custom painting.  In fact there’s only really the brakes, stem, chainset, tyres and bar tape left to buy, and the stem and chainset still aren’t on the market so I can’t buy those yet anyway.

What are my expectations for next week?  Well, a decent chat over coffee for one thing.  But also a bit of a measure-up of me and my Look, a discussion around what I want from the bike (like how they’ll achieve the stable, slow-side-of-neutral handling that I like), conversations around the tubing choice (the Corretto tubing is chosen to fit the rider, a big factor in choosing this model), give the nod on the paint design, talk through final agreement on the finishing details and discuss the Di2 install.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even bump into Cadel Evans whilst I’m there.  Actually I hope not – the temptation to scream “don’t stand on my dog!” might just prove too much…

Whilst I’m offering a bit of a non-specific update, I just want to respond to a batch of comments that have recently come my way.  This isn’t asking for pity or offering a “so there” rebuttal – I purely want it understood why I’ve deliberated so much over the finite details of this build and documented my decisions so vividly.

I’m not a rich city boy who is building a flash bike ‘just because’ and I’m not doing this to turn you all into green-eyed monsters.  This is the one and only chance I will get (lottery wins aside) to build a bike like this, and I was ‘handed this opportunity’ (for want of a better description) after my Father passed away earlier this year.  Once it’s built the money is gone and I go back to deliberating over component purchases and actually having to justify them.

On that basis I set myself a number of rules in building this bike – one of which was that everything would be brand new, and another that as much as possible would be otherwise unattainable.  Lightweights are not a set of wheels I could normally afford or would justify buying, likewise an SRM.  I’m not saying nothing will ever change once it’s built, just that anything that does change will be carefully considered and done for good reason (or in the case of Mad Fiber clinchers, changed because it’s the way I always intended to go – and then I’d have to sell the Lightweights to fund them).

This bike will be my pride and joy to be used and enjoyed on nice days, special events, holidays and my favourite rides.  It won’t be a museum piece, but it will be treasured like one – much like a historical racing car being raced at the Goodwood Revival (and if you’ve never heard of that, Google is your friend).

After this my next dream bike (should there ever be reason for one) will remain exactly that – a dream.  Unless that lottery win comes off of course.

Serious stuff aside, I think it’s time for me to pop back into my padded cell to avoid injuring myself whilst I’m bouncing off the walls.

It’s almost time…

2 thoughts on “Lugs to Lightweights – Episode 12: T Minus 7 Days… ish.”

  1. Good for you! I can’t think of a better thing to spend unexpected funds on. After all, you’re not simply buying a bike; you’re buying the experiences that bike can give you.

    And what price experience?

    I’ve seen your final build on Weight Weenies and it is a beautiful bike.

    Being an Australian, I’m so glad that my fellow countrymen could provide you with something so utterly unique.

    Enjoy the ride!



    1. Thanks Kim – it’s an incredible machine. Being able to visit the guys at Baum and speak to Darren in such depth and detail about exactly how I wanted the bike to be finished has made the bike really special too.

      It continues to evolve as I spend time trying to find a saddle which looks right on the bike as well as being comfortable (the San Marco Superleggera I took to Baum to be painted to match is an incredibly comfortable shape, but is quite unforgiving!), and having decided to move away from an SRM the cranks are currently in a state of flux whilst I decide what to do there. Additionally, the wheels could change as one of the Lightweights has developed a crack – all just part of the experience of this bike though.

      I love it!

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