Bike Tart’s Bikes

Here’s a taster of the bikes I’ve had in the past, starting with the most recent and going back as far as I have pics for.  I like looking back over this…

The latest addition, my Baum Ristretto – perfectly accompanies my Corretto.  Another wheelset likely appear in the coming months.  Bar tape and saddle colours still being fine tuned too:

The Dream Machine. My ‘bike for life’. This one will come to my grave with me – my Baum Corretto:

The proper mudguarded, excessively bling, massive spacer stacked winter build – Kinesis GF_Ti:

The ‘never drive your dream car’ surprise – Pegoretti Duende:

First bike to fit me properly – Look 585 Optimum (that I probably should have kept):

Excessively-bling workhorse Ti singlespeed Enigma Esprit:

Built to race enduro only to be sold because of my shoulder – Ellsworth Truth (with monster seatpost!):

Giant Bowery fixie:

Tubs for daily use and back to Ti – my Lynskey R330:

The weird one – Cannondale SystemSix. Kinda liked it though, and check the MASSIVE head tube!:

Bling CAAD9 – great bike.  Front end slowly rising!:

Super-lovely Scapin Bandit – sold to fund replacement road wheels:

The start of the light weight brake, black saddle rail and black brake track fetish – Cervélo R3:

Still one of my best looking builds – Cervélo Soloist Team:

Trek 69er. This one got away – sent the wrong size, got charged twice, was so annoyed I bailed on it!:

First Ti road bike – Omega Enigma (now Enigma Esprit). Monster drop, short stem, tiny head tube!:

My tasty Brompton – still regret letting it go!:

Alfine-geared Santa Cruz Chameleon. Probably my first über niche bike – very cool:

Proper bling MTB – Yeti 575. Looked amazing:

Second road bike (had a Giant before the Scott MTB below). The one that secretly gave me the bug:

My beloved Nicolai – Rohloff’d Argon FR. Still regret selling it (probably 2006/07):

First Ti – Rohloff’d Pipedream Nevis (this one cracked. Twice):

Dialled Bikes Love/Hate – previously rigid, subsequently Rohloff’d:

Singlespeed bling – my Kona A (2004):

My first singlespeed – a Surly 1×1 (late 2003):

Scott Expert Racing – my first return to MTBs in 2003:

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